Clean Slate Webs Site Menu ToolbarIf you manage a site with lots of users this plugin could come in handy. If you want to get into the users area of WordPress, the most traditional way to do it is by going to the Dashboard > Users > all Users. I was wondering if there was a faster way to do that and, there is!

If you’re logged in to your site, but you’re on a page of your site, you will notice the site menu toolbar. This would be a good place for accessing the User accounts, but it’s not one of the options. Pippin of Pippin’s Plugins realized this and created a free plugin for us called Users Site Menu Links. It’s only 14 lines of PHP coding, but installing it gives us access to the user area right from our site menu toolbar saving us a few steps. For those of us going into the user area frequently, this could be a very helpful little plugin. Thanks, Pippin!