Belkin N+ RouterI have a daughter who is in college and needed to install a wireless Belkin router in her apartment. Having just upgraded our router, we had one available and sent it to her. Of course, the next phone call is, “I got the router but how do I make it work?” One of the benefits of having a Mom who does virtual office support is that she can receive free tech support. Securing the Belkin Router is important because in a college apartment setting with many computers accessing the internet almost 24/7, the connection can become unbearably slow. The one she was trying to set up is a Belkin N+ Wireless Router with a 4-port switch.

Here is how to set up WEP Security to protect your network:

  • Connect the yellow port on the back of the router to the Ethernet port in the wall.
  • Connect the computer to one of the four grey LAN ports on the back of the router.
  • Open a web browser and navigate to This logs you into the router.
  • Click “Login” in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  • There is no password, so click submit leaving the password field blank.
  • Click on “Security” in the left hand column under the “Wireless” heading.
  • Select “64 bit WEP” from the Security Mode drop down window.
  • Select radio button next to Key 1.
  • Fill in the desired key, two digits in each box; the two digits must be any combination of numbers 0-9 and alpha characters A-F. Another option is to enter a pass phrase and click the Generate button. In this case, the router will generate the pass phrase for you.
  • Click Apply.

In either case, make sure to write down the key because you will need it to connect any wireless device (iPods, streaming devices, etc). When ready to connect other wireless computers, select network name and enter the WEP key. Securing your college student’s  Belkin Router is important if you want to have access to your router with maximum internet speed.